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Lead Hardware Engineer

Technical Requirements

1. Bachelor’s degree/masters in Mechanical, electrical, computer engineering or related field
2. 1-2 years of experience in designing and manufacturing hardware products, electrical or mechanical.
3. Proficient with CAD software
4. Solid understanding of electronic circuits and common components

Preferred Experience

1. Experienced with PCB design and testing
2. Worked with manufacturers before, experienced in handling Bill of Materials (BOM)/version control/batch production timelines
3. Understanding of different fabrication methods - 3D printing, CNC, laser cutting, plastic molding
4. Experience in developing embedded software/python
5. Portfolio of mechanical design projects with actuation components
6. Any experience in user design

Non-Technical requirements

1. Confident enough to lead a project and make major decisions regarding the future development of our product
2. Able to communicate fluently and confidently in English
3. Able to work independently or in groups and require little to no hand holding
4. Willing to roll up sleeves to get hands dirty
5. Adaptable to all parts of the business/product development


1. Lead hardware product development, maintain BOM/designs
2. Improve the design to cut down weight, cost
3. Increase reliability and user friendliness through design
4. Liaise with manufacturers to ensure the production of our units is on track
5. Help with expanding overseas and increasing scale