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Marketing and Client Success

We are looking for an amazing, driven marketer to own the majority of the marketing funnel for our company. You will be managing our social media accounts by implementing strategies and tactics that grow our followers, engage and retain them, and help convert them into leads, customers, and active fans and evangelist of our company. You should have command of best practices and trends in social media marketing, enjoy being creative, and understand how to both build and convert a digital audience.

You will also be in charged of managing all client accounts. This would include following up on data reports and getting feedback from them.

Main responsibilities

1. Build and manage the company’s social media profiles and presence, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and additional channels that may be deemed relevant.
2. Create shareable content appropriate for specific networks to spread both our brand and our content.
3. Monitor and engage in relevant social discussions about our company, competitors, and/or industry, both from existing leads and customers as well as from brand new audiences.
4. Drive consistent, relevant traffic and leads from our social network presence.
5. Explore new ways to engage and identify new social networks to reach our target buyers.
6. Proficiency with PS and AI will be a bonus.
7. Checking in from time to time on client satisfaction and how we can better support them in their food waste reduction journey.


1. Good communication skills, both verbal and written
2. Anyone who has a hunger and desire to learn.

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