• The future of the world determined by

    What you waste today

  • Up to 30% reduction in Food Waste

    Cut food waste! Use a portable solution that fits on existing bins, designed for commercial kitchens.

    Up to 8% reduction in Food Cost

    Save on food cost! Take actions based on the data and insights gathered by the Smart Food Tracker.

    Reduce Environmental Impact

    Commercial kitchens can think thoroughly about sustainability when they understand how harsh the problem is.

  • What We Offer

    Portable, lightweight device


    Image recognition technology

    for a seamless identification process


    Real-time data available on

    cloud dashboard

  • Smart Weighing and Tracking Solution

    goodforfood's proprietary smart detection device collects real-time, granular data on food wastage.




  • Why People Choose Us

    Increased Profits

    Better savings on food cost due to less food wastes

    Accurate Data

    Provides granular and actionable insights, which are easily accessible from the cloud


    The smart tracker can be used in any part of the kitchen or establishment


    Enable a seamless process with zero disruption to current workflow

    Sustainability Leader

    Empowered to lead the industry in food waste reduction measures

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