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Software Engineer (Full Stack)

Technical Requirements

1. Bachelor’s degree/masters in computer science, computer engineering or related field

2. Experience in deploying platforms and managing data on the cloud (Google cloud suite, AWS, etc.)

3. 1-2 years experience in software architecture/backend development

Preferred Experience

1. Experienced in one of node.js/react or python
2. Basic understanding of machine learning projects/computer vision
3. Basic understanding of embedded software/electronics
4. Experience in building data visualization platforms
5. Experienced in handling/setting up databases and large scale data infrastructure/processing

Non-Technical Requirements

1. Confident enough to lead a project and make major decisions regarding the future development of our product
2. Able to communicate fluently and confidently in English
3. Able to work independently or in groups and require little to no hand holding
4. Willing to roll up sleeves to get hands dirty
5. Adaptable to all parts of the business/software development


1. Help scale the architecture on cloud platform for processing data
2. Development of the data visualization platform (Both front end and back end)
3. Maintain and develop an internal server for handling images
4. Lead the software team/strategy for full stack dev and computer vision
5. Manage, keep track and help with computer vision/ML development along with our computer vision engineer